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We started RoseBud because we had grown tired of news organizations being so biased.
President Trump is “always wrong” on CNN and MSNBC.
Democrats are “always wrong” on Fox.
And The New York Times is more brazen than ever, using their front page to push their bias and agendas, as we recently pointed out.
If you watch RoseBud regularly, you know we explore all sides of a story and leave it to you to figure out how you feel. We don’t tell you, and we don’t censure stories either.
We are proud of our home base in Southern Oregon, and we know the crime, arson, and vandalism in Portland is national news that has turned Portland into a national embarrassment. Portland remains, stubbornly, a city without a curfew.
But as our Larry Mendte shows in this Commentary, Bend, Oregon is the latest place causing people to scratch their heads in disbelief.
Watch and let us know if you agree or disagree. Because it’s not always about which side of the political polarization you’re on.

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