Larry Mendte Commentary: 60 Minutes

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A full disclaimer:  RoseBud is a fan of “60 Minutes,” and one of us worked at CBS News and knew the creator of the program and Andy Rooney (yes, we are showing our age) and Mike, Harry, Morley and Ed and the rest of the gang.

So we have a soft spot for them, and even root for them, especially in a time when there are few media companies or programs that maintain the high journalistic standards long the hallmark of what Don Hewitt created.

But in the proudest tradition of “60 Minutes,” Larry Mendte turns the lens and his latest Commentary on a story that aired last Sunday on “60 Minutes,” one that is being criticized by both republicans and democrats, most importantly, by democrat politicians who say the Governor of Florida was painted in an unfair light.

Watch Larry’s Commentary, see if you agree or disagree, let Larry know your thoughts at @Mendte  and he will do his best to reply to you.

And, as we always do, thank you for watching RoseBud.

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