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At Rosebud, we focus on the big stories by giving you facts, not the spin as so many news outlets do these days. Even when the story is highly charged.
When George Floyd was killed by the knee of one cop and the inaction of three other cops, a national movement was launched, and a renewed protest call of “black lives matter!” united the overwhelming majority of the country sickened by those 8 minutes and 46 seconds.
That video is so painful, it seems only hired lawyers of the four cops defend their behavior. 
The rest of us remain horrified.
And notably, cops and police chiefs around the world broke the “blue wall of silence” after seeing Floyd die on that video..  universally, they denounced the excessive force.
Why then isn’t there the same national outrage when bullets kill children weekend after weekend in places like Chicago?
Larry Mendte thinks gun violence is too frequently ignored, including by the organization named Black Lives Matter that now finds itself with great influence by benefiting from the protest slogan of the same name.
So, Larry Mendte asks, where’s the media in all this?  And why is anyone who brings it up so quickly rebuffed? Please watch Larry’s take, then to let him know @LarryMendte if you agree or disagree with his analysis.

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