LARRY MENDTE COMMENTARY: Biden’s Afghanistan Retreat

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LARRY MENDTE COMMENTARY: Biden’s Afghanistan Retreat

“Thank you for finding us. We conceived RoseBud just for these moments in news, and the first impressions of history that media documents. After a long and rewarding career in media, our two founders felt news organizations had become poisoned by a deadly toxin of being too partisan and too self-important, a mix of ingredients serving a dangerous journalistic cocktail in a free society.
In other words, media had steered far from the straight and narrow, and what our Founding Fathers intended by making Freedom of the Press a right in the very First Amendment.
Hence, RoseBud, complete with our rose red cape, to our rescue.
In that preamble, we haven’t digressed from the task at hand, which is to prep you to view this accompanying RoseBud Commentary by our Larry Mendte. Democrats are piling on in their complaints about President Joe Biden’s handling of Afghanistan. Mind you, leaving our longest war after 20 years was always going to be messy, to be sure, a second term of Donald Trump’s administration would have had its hands full too, but the Biden team has shown a certain deaf ear and even arrogance toward what’s going on. So much so, that the liberal-tilting media in America find themselves agreeing with the right-tilted news media in America. That Biden is blowing it, and still blowing it.
While it would be better that we unified journalistic values and valued “truth” in more positive challenges of everyday reporting, RoseBud, and you, are non the less witnessing a unanimous push-back against President Biden and his inexplicable “the buck stops here” and concurrent blame on President Trump and the Afghan military and elected leadership.

All of this is a lead-in to what Larry Mendte analyzes and then comments on in this Commentary.

Want to dig deeper? We invite you to read Matt Tiabbi on his Substack page for another view from a free, independent (and gifted) writer. Matt is not affiliated with RoseBud but we enjoyed working with his dad in our past, journalist and author Mike Tiabbi, who you may recall from CBS News and NBC News.
In any event, please watch and write Larry @mendte and let him know if you agree or disagree.
One last last point: we want to note that the mainstream press has in fact been critical and in many cases denounced the Biden administration and the president himself over the Afghan debacle. On that point, the right-leaning press and politicans would be wise to denounce anyone who wants to fabricate that January 6th’s riots at our Capitol didn’t happen. The riot happened, and RoseBud chronicled it. Shame on anyone who wrongly or ignorantly says otherwise. Perhaps this moment in Afghanistan will lead to a news media that meets RoseBud standards of journalism and basic truth.
We are appropriately skeptical, though hopeful.
As always, thank you for watching RoseBud.”

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