LARRY MENDTE COMMENTARY: Bill Barr and the Political Divide

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Attorney General Bill Barr spent Tuesday testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, a high drama showdown that’s been brewing for over a year. In this Commentary, Larry Mendte sees the Barr hearings as a good example of America’s current political landscape and how we have squared off.  Increasingly, viewers say they want the news, just the news, not the spin and opinions that have become part of every cable talk channel where news used to be at the top of the hour.  Dividing us has worked, as Larry points out.  Watch this Commentary and let Larry know if you agree or disagree with his analysis at @larrymendte.  This particular Commentary speaks to the heart of why we’ve created RoseBud and what you can expect from us:  we will keep bringing you the unfiltered stories of the day, and do our best to show all sides, so you, not us, can decide what you think about things going on around us.  And when you think we fail at that, we do welcome your feedback.  We appreciate the growing support we’re getting, and we do think we’re on to a new way of delivering news and information that fits with the 21st Century.

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