Larry Mendte Commentary: COVID-19 Origins

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When then-President Trump told the world the pandemic started in China, there was pushback not just from China, but from the world, and an effort to paint the president as a racist.  No entity was more eager to do that than what is loosely called the “mainstream media” here in the United States, but a force in shaping other media and other agendas.  

Of course, in the year since, it’s become obvious that Wuhan is the pandemic version of a ground zero, and the evidence, and the opinion, is swinging right back to where Trump made his assertions.

But this Commentary is not about Trump. 

Instead, it highlights one of the main reasons why we formed RoseBud and why we do the work we do, why we have Commentary from Larry Mendte, and why his multiple Emmys for reporting and commentary come in handy for all of us in a complex story.

The facts are the facts. In this Commentary, Larry offers the background, the analysis, the recent shift in important facts and educated opinions before delivering a strong Commentary and an opinion you may agree or disagree with, which we hope you share with Larry on Instagram @mendte.   

And, as always, thanks for watching the RoseBud Channel.

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