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In this RoseBud Commentary, Larry Mendte turns his attention to Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York and the abject lie Cuomo is embroiled in.

Few political scandals are as straightforward. Or have as deadly consequences. As Larry offers his analysis of the facts of the case, what you’ll see emerge is the reason why RoseBud — and candidly, more news outlets like RoseBud, need to prosper.

The legacy press fawned over Cuomo, driven to find a hero to the president they detested. The cable talk news channels showcased Cuomo “live” and big name celebrities applauded Cuomo’s candid press briefings, the Emmys even rushed through an award, all as a way of taking sides against President Trump. And then it all came to light. Cuomo wasn’t the hero, and the media revealed their partisanship has sullied their integrity. In this Commentary, Larry chronicles it all, and RoseBud is proud to present it to you. Unlike the legacy media, we do not delight in a politician’s triumphs and losses, we mourn those who died in the nursing homes and we shine light on a story that needs to be told. Please watch and let Larry know your thoughts at @mendte. As always, thank you for supporting RoseBud.

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