Larry Mendte Commentary: Debate Debacle

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Regular viewers of RoseBud have already come to expect a critique of things like a presidential debate that will be truthful and shed light without fear or favor.  Few things like the first debate of the 2020 election allow us to contrast our commitment to you that we will give you a perspective that fair so you are better equipped to make your own judgments.  By contrast, watch CNN cover the aftermath of the debate.  They will bore into every thing that President Donald Trump did, while showcasing former vice president Joe Biden in a flavorful light.  So much for the self-proclaimed most trusted name in news.  And of course, you do know how MSNBC and Fox News Channel will spin the debate’s reality — even before the debate itself.
And that’s where we enter with our approach to news and information and especially opinion, or Commentary.  First, our Commentary is clearly labeled.  Next, we’ll call it the way it is.  See if you think Larry Mendte did just that in this Commentary, and if you think he makes good points you’re not hearing elsewhere.  Finally, we invite you to reach Larry directly at @larrymendte and let him know if you agree or disagree.  Thanks for coming back, and if this is your first time with RoseBud, we welcome you and hope you make us a regular part of your day.

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