Larry Mendte Commentary: Defunding the Police

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As America boils from record heat that promises a long hot summer ahead, it is good to remember that America was rightly boiling in anger over the murder of George Floyd by the rouge behavior and pressing knee of convicted killer Derek Chauvin. Emotions were high. Cries went out to defund police departments, and for many people, that was meant to be punitive, to “hurt” police forces and make them pay for Chauvin’s horrendous act.

Sure, that was massaged into long and tortured explanations about what “defund the police” meant was to shift budget dollars away from police and hire more social service workers, but that was unconvincing and worse, never happened in true practice. Democrat-led cities did follow-through, this was their revenge for Floyd’s death, and they did decrease police budgets. And their crime went up, sadly, in the very neighborhoods where crime already is too high. Leaders in the democrat party, including President Biden, wanted no part of the “defund” movement.

As Larry Mendte observes, the stats show the “defund” effort is one of the worst public policy ideas to come around in a long time. And as Larry points out, it is having consequences that could lead to 2022 and beyond, and as usual, that’s what will motivate politicians. Watch Larry’s analysis and comments and let him know if you agree or disagree @mendte. And as always, thank you for watching RoseBud.

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