LARRY MENDTE COMMENTARY: Election Day Could be Election Week

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The Covid pandemic is set to drive mail-in voting around the country like never before. Not a big deal in states like RoseBud’s home state of Oregon, where it’s routine and ordinary and the ballots are recorded as they are received, but, did you know that in 34 states, they cannot, by law, start counting and recording ballots until the polls close in that state on Election Day?
Larry Mendte knows that, and lays it all out so we all understand how chaotic Election Day 2020 may be in the presidential race. It could take days or longer to know the vote totals and Electoral College final numbers. And needless to say, that could pose a whole series of problems, none of them enviable.
Watch this presentation, analysis and commentary, then let Larry know at @larrymendte if you agree or disagree with his opinions on this — we are interested in yours, and we appreciate you watching our RoseBud stories and these Commentaries!

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