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The stock market this week has seen the rise of the retail investor coming out of the woodwork. Reddit is the home of Wall Street Bets, a group of renegade investors looking to make some serious gains on their portfolios. The hot topic as of late on this forum has been GameStop. They led a coordinated effort to drive the price of the stock up by 1700%. That price increase has caught the attention of not only Wall Street but Congress and has been the focal point of numerous calls for reform and regulation amongst stock traders. Isn’t it funny that when the big wigs on Wall Street gamble on businesses going out of business by shorting their stocks into the ground no one seems to bat an eye? Then when the “little guy” gets involved all of a sudden those salty veterans throw their hands up and call foul. Where was the call for reform and justice in 2008 when the housing market collapsed turning lives upside down and sending the economy into a tailspin? Watch Larry’s latest commentary and write him @mendte to let him know if you agree or disagree. But please, keep it civil.

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