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Years ago, you started a news and information outlet because you wanted to serve the public and make money. It was a good business and a noble profession.

News — as a business — is largely unregulated, and while broadcasters are licensed to use public airwaves and therefore answer to the FCC, cable news channels, which have become mostly talk and opinion biased channels, newspapers, and digital outlets including this one are protected by the First Amendment, and largely self-policing, caught in some Faustian saga of trading their integrity for entertainment values they believe brings audiences.

The public is not fooled, ranking news outlets way below the level of presidents (Trump and Biden) or even Congress, the long-time cellar dwellers in public trust.

All of that is why RoseBud was created, and what we are aiming to do every day. Bring you a non-partisan unbiased look at our world, and call out politicians and the media regardless of whether they are on the left or the right. Candidly, we think both sides have gone nuts, and see a growing audience that responds eagerly to our thesis.

In this RoseBud Commentary, Larry Mendte takes you inside the way the media behaves and fails to serve a public that longs for straight answers. It is just one example. But we will keep bringing them to you, and as you see examples, let us know. And let Larry know what you think after you watch, he’s at


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