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America — gosh, it really felt like all of us, all together and united, made a promise to never forget the events that took place on September 11th 2001. It was solemn. It was the least we could do to feel like we were pitching in. We showed respect to all First Responders and anyone that was protecting us. But this year, as Larry Mendte shows us point by point, we came very close to forgetting. This hasn’t been the best of weeks, with wildfires in the west and George Floyd pre-trial hearings in the midwest, and a storm named Sally way out in the Atlantic that could come to the east coast next week. But it is still worth the time to watch, and to reflect, and to decide if we were serious — united — all together — 19 years ago. After watching this Larry Mendte Commentary reach out to him @larrymendte and let him know how you’re remembering 9/11, and please share this with family and friends that unlike you, haven’t yet tried RoseBud.

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