Larry Mendte Commentary: Stephen Breyer

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The national media likes stories that are about conflict. Good v. Evil. Majority v. minority. Hatfields v. McCoys. Dems v. Republicans. And on that last point, they found a convenient ongoing storyline for their lazy presentation of things to the public when they latched on to controversy at the Supreme Court, most intense when someone is being selected.

As Larry Mendte points out in this RoseBud Commentary, the media and political system have joined unholy forces to talk about a Supreme Court vacancy that doesn’t exist. Namely, in pushing Justice Stephen Breyer out, and bringing some new (read “young”) blood in, so that seat is secured as a progressive seat for decades to come.

Watch Larry’s analysis and his commentary and conclusions, see if you agree, it doesn’t matter your party affiliation or how you feel about either political party and Larry will make it clear. It’s still shaping up as a showdown, and we are in for plenty of gamesmanship. Let Larry know what you think at @mendte, and as always, thank you for watching RoseBud.

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