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President Biden was lampooned pretty hard in the opening skit of Saturday Night Live last weekend. If you didn’t see it, it’s easy to find it on YouTube. Things haven’t gone well for him, and that’s why his popularity ratings — the polls — have gone down. And every president, and all the president’s women and men, spend inordinate amounts of time strategizing ways to boost poll numbers up.

So as we come to the end of October, there are many things in disarray, and perhaps the one that could be the biggest problem for the president and how people think of him are the dozens of freighters lined up outside southern California waiting to get to the port and be unloaded.

President Biden didn’t help himself with how he’s handled this growing problem, and as Larry Mendte explains in this RoseBud Commentary, he’s not getting much help or leading the way out either.

Watch as Larry lays out what’s been going on, and then hear his conclusions, and see if you agree or disagree. You can offer your thoughts to Larry at

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