LARRY MENDTE COMMENTARY: The Afghanistan Withdrawal

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LARRY MENDTE COMMENTARY: The Afghanistan Withdrawal

Last week in this space Larry Mendte offered a Commentary on why it was not the right time to offer his opinions on what went wrong in Afghanistan.

Now, a week later, the troops pulled out, America officially ending its longest war in failure, allowing the Taliban we fought when we went in to take over and be in charge as we left, it is time for analysis, context, perspective, and blame. And there is plenty of that to go around as Larry explains.

This is not a fine moment in American history, and it is one that the current Administration would just as soon get through to get past. Even a Cat. 4 hurricane named Ida couldn’t take enough attention away from the series of events that left 13 American service members killed, hundreds of Afghans dead, and an untold number in the hundreds of Americans behind.

Watch Larry’s Commentary, then let him know if you agree or disagree @mendte. And, as always, thank you for watching the RoseBud Channel.

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