Larry Mendte Commentary: The Truth

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Periodically, we use this space to explain why RoseBud exists, and what we hope to accomplish. In short, we are veteran journalists and discouraged about the state of the mainstream media and the way journalistic standards have resembled limp overcooked spaghetti noodles instead of iron pillars of truth, justice and the American Way (to borrow a phrase).
We hope you find RoseBud to be a place where you can believe in the stories we tell, and that you find yourself exposed to more than one side of a story. And when it comes to Commentary, we hope you don’t want to just hear what you like to hear, we hope that you hear things that give you a reason to think and then to engage with us and let Larry Mendte know if you agree or disagree with his analysis and conclusions.
In this Commentary, we focus on the media itself, and after you hear Larry’s take, let him know yours @mendte.

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