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One of the recurring themes at RoseBud — one of the reasons we formed RoseBud — was to be a sane and sober voice in the world of slanted news. Fox on the right, MSNBC and CNN on the left, where can you go to get an unfiltered truth? Those cable talk channels are more impressed with their own opinions at the top of every hour, not with reporting news. The amazing thing is only a few million people watch, but people in government and other news media are heavily influenced by these channels, and they carry more weight than they are worth. The public enjoys the sparring — always kept to a low boil so nobody burns out — and a new generation has now experienced news in a partisan way that even Hearst and Pulitzer — who invented partisan, competing news — could not have imagined.  

CNN was supposed to be different.  It was supposed to be RoseBud. In the center, and reporting without fear or favor.  But it got greedy and lazy at the same time.  Greedy because having arguments on set and yelling at the “other” side is more entertaining than just reporting news and information.  And CNN is a “for-profit” business.  Lazy, because hour after incessant hour, you can find eager contributors who will play their parts and for not too much money, agree to appear over and over.  

In full disclosure, CNN is a big company, and RoseBud is an affiliate of their video news service, which aggregates news stories from most local television stations in America and from countries around the world.  CNN Newsource, as it’s called, is bigger, better, and almost always faster, than CBS or NBC, or ABC.

That business is very profitable for CNN, and to make more money, CNN has re-programmed their channel to be hour after hour of talk shows.  Most especially in primetime, not too much attention is paid to journalism or fairness, it’s always a one-sided attack painting a hero and a villain.  Conflict sells.  And is easy to produce.  

In this RoseBud Commentary, Larry Mendte explores the recent Chris Cuomo saga, and true to who we say we are and how we approach our work, we offer without fear or favor the straight-forward realities of the story.

We hope you watch and write Larry at to tell him if you agree or disagree, and we thank you for coming to the RoseBud Channel.

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