LARRY MENDTE COMMENTARY: Trump’s Nobel Nomination

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President Donald Trump is in the running for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. If you watch CNN or MSNBC you might’ve missed that, because, well, they offer their news selectively. Same can be said for Fox News Channel, which underplayed President Barack Obama’s nomination in 2009. (He went on to win).
In this Commentary by Larry Mendte, Larry points out the big difference between the two resumes on what they did to get a nomination. Regardless of how you feel about either man, or, for that matter, either party, we invite you to watch this Commentary and then let us know if you agree or disagree. Write us at RoseBud, or write Larry directly at @larrymendte.
Hey, to borrow from the poet John Lennon, all we are saying is give this Commentary a chance.

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