Larry Mendte Commentary: Vaccine Miracle

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In one of Hollywood’s most famous shouting matches, Tom Cruise yells to Jack Nicholson “I want the truth!” to which Jack Nicholson replies “You can’t handle the truth!” Click here for the scene.

We’ve all seen it, and at some point, imitated it. But in the news media industry of late, and especially the cable networks, truth is a hard commodity to come by. That’s why we created RoseBud. To be that place where you can expect we’re working with facts and truth. Not our spin or view through our own prism to see truth.

And as Larry Mendte points out in this Commentary, the truth is that now that every American who wants to be vaccinated has the opportunity, we can look back and marvel at the great work both President Trump and President Biden and their teams have done to get us here. You may root openly for one of those men, and snicker at the other, and we don’t care either way if you do. But we’d never be to this good place this fast if both men hadn’t done their jobs.

Larry has more to say in this Commentary, we invite you to watch and then let him know if you agree or disagree on Instagram at @mendte or on Twitter @LarryMendte. And as always, we thank you for watching RoseBud. And that’s the truth too.

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