RoseBud Commentary: Biden’s Price Hike

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We don’t give out “Pinocchios” like the fact-checking team at the Washington Post, but if we did, the team running media relations in the White House would be getting their fair share of growing long noses for the spin they’ve been putting out lately, laying blame for the pain the gas we’re all feeling at the pump on Vladimir Putin.

Yes, Putin started an unprovoked war, and yes, we are finally sanctioning the oil he sends us, but we all have seen our gasoline budgets grow out of control of months now.

As Larry Mendte chronicles in this Commentary, President Biden’s team is trying to lay blame on a convenient foil, but as we all know, gas prices have been on the rise since the President took office.

And taking oil from other countries impacts the atmosphere to the same good Earth we all live on, undercutting any argument that we shouldn’t increase our own production.

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