RoseBud Commentary: Hunter Biden in the News

In this Commentary, Larry Mendte explores why Hunter Biden has been OUT of the news for too long. Well-known, established legacy news outlets did themselves and their audiences a disservice by not pursuing the “Hunter Biden laptop” story when it broke in “egads” The New York Post. Never known for its care in handling, many in journalism ignored the story, or offered that it was two weeks and too close from the presidential election in 2020.
But when has it ever been okay for journalists to not go aggressively chase a story? It’s now clear that all the big alphabet networks, and the Washington Post and the New York TImes all missed the chance to dig and uncover the story, as Larry Mendte explains. Instead, they found themselves in the occupational hazard of what one sage pundit once coined “the race to be second.” In other words, now that the story has been legitimized, it’s okay to start digging. Larry lays it all out, and offers his own thoughts. We invite you to watch, and then write Larry directly and let him know your thoughts, and whether you agree or disagree.

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