RoseBud Commentary: Hunter Biden Investigation

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RoseBud Commentary: Hunter Biden Investigation

Hunter Biden is a name that you know by now, and Hunter Biden is a name that will be in the news the rest of the year, in an increasing way.

A federal grand jury is investigating him, and that investigation is widening. Those are the facts.

There are more facts too. Like the fact that the New York Post is delivered the old-fashioned way, in hard copy print fresh off the presses, to all the local and national media outlets in New York City, hours before the city sidewalks get it. And while many of the stories in the newspaper are already in its online edition, there is still no mistaking the impact those gaudy blaring headlines have on news professionals, whether in the New York Times or the National Enquirer. Journalists in New York may not admit it, but they pay attention to everything that comes their way, the Post included.
So, when the Post broke the Hunter Biden laptop story in the fall of 2020 weeks before the presidential election, the rest of the press corps let it go. And it’s stayed that way until recently when all the major outlets are now tuning in to what the Post had over two years ago.

Larry Mendte takes you through the “tick-tock” of how that unfolded, then offers his opinion about it all, as a seasoned veteran journalist and now longtime commentator with years of New York City experience.
Watch and see if you agree with Larry, and let him know if you do or if you don’t, at
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