RoseBud Commentary: The Great Mask Debate

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Suddenly, without any reference to science or statistics, a federal judge ruled the federal mask mandate while you are on trains, planes, and automobiles driven by Lyft and Uber and other public transport are wrong, beyond the law, and outside the scope of what the executive branch of our government can do.

While some states are indeed seeing a spike in coronavirus cases, the current strain is comparatively mild, not as deadly as we have seen.

The public has increasingly chaffed at the mask mandates and other restrictions.

Which is why the Biden Administration took more than 24 hours to punt how they feel and then left it up to the CDC if they want to appeal the judge’s ruling.

You don’t have to be a political science major to know the President and his team pull all strings on the big issues. Nobody seriously thinks it is a pure medical/science call at this point.  It is only and always about the man at the top.

Larry Mendte walks you through all this, then offers his thoughts.

What are your thoughts?  Watch, then let Larry know at

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