Day In Pictures: May 22

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A few shots from around the world, May 22. 

  1. First responders assist public amidst cyclone aftermath in Southeast Asia. 
  2. Hurricane Florence is visible from above Earth. 
  3. Bystanders practice social distancing in Domino Park, Brooklyn. 
  4. New York subway officials install UV light technology for sanitation against COVID-19. 
  5. Michigan man plods through his flooded yard following dam incidents. 
  6. A family uses arts and crafts to support healthcare workers in New Hampshire.
  7. Most of Sweden’s restaurants, shops, and bars remain open.
  8. Egypt’s Magic Lake is named for its color changing waters and beaches.
  9. A Missouri supermarket replaces the salad bar with a plethora of candy, cookies, and and snacks. 
  10. Wadi Al-Hitan is not only a boneyard, but is also home to the Fossils and Climate Change Museum. 

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