Kinda Cool: Bionic Eye in Sight

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There may soon be a way for blind people to see.

A study published this week in the journal Nature highlights research that may revolutionize how people deal with blindness, and may also be a huge breakthrough in robotics.

Researchers with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology are developing a prototype called “E-C Eye”, which stands for Electro-Chemical EYE.

The prototype is still early in development, but scientists say it has the potential to allow humans to see farther distances and even in the dark.

The E-C EYE is the size of a normal human eye, with the potential to offer abilities that surpass natural human eyesight. This is all because of the technology being used in the device.

The E-C EYE can only recognize a few letters of the alphabet at this time, so this technology still won’t be available for a few years.

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