Kinda Cool: Rogue Valley BMX Holds Weekend Clinic With Professional Racers

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Learning to ride a bike is something most people can relate too, and memories of racing friends to the end of the block on hot summer days are where most of our two-wheel racing careers end.

However, right down the street from the RoseBud Headquarters in Medford, Oregon there is a community of BMX racers ranging from beginners to professionals.

Former racer and five-time National #1 Kim Hayashi and current professional racer Rachel Mydock are in town this weekend and giving back to the local racing community by hosting a clinic with Rogue Valley BMX.

“We mainly came here just to do some training with our teammates,” said Hayashi. “It kind of grew into an interest in teaching out here.”

Rogue Valley BMX has a community of over 1,000 people on Facebook, but some rescheduled races did take some racers out of the valley this weekend. Hayashi and Mydock both commented on the sense of community they see in the BMX community at races across the country.

“It’s $35 each day or if you choose to do both it is $60,” said Mydock. “That way we save you a little bit of money. There is also a Monday night clinic that a track in Grants Pass is putting on. That one is $20, and I think it is [for] two hours. We are just doing gates and first straights there, but the one here is Friday and Sunday. Sunday is 9 am to noon so if you miss [Friday] you can make that one.”

For more information visit the Rogue Valley BMX Facebook page.

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