Battle to Change the Dixie Hollins High School Name

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Sevell Brown graduated from Dixie Hollins High School and was part of the second integrated class in September of 1965.

While the high school was named after the man Dixie Hollins, the first Pinellas County superintendent of schools. Representations at the school reflected a more traditional meaning of the term ‘dixie’ though.

A few examples would be the school’s mascot is the Rebel, and the school song was ‘I Wish I Was In Dixie’.

Across the country, calls for monuments of Confederate Generals to be taken down, the protests against police brutality and racism, and the push for racial equality presented the opportunity for another push to change the school’s name.

Brown is the National Director of the NCLC, has marched with civil rights leaders like John Lewis, and he has dedicated his life to social justice. He sat down with RoseBud to talk about the fight to change Dixie Hollins High School’s name, and not to Hollins High School.

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