Jackson County is Overwhelmed by COVID-19

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Last week, Jackson county had the highest rate of COVID case growth in the United States. There have been over 17,000 positive cases and more than 190 deaths.

As infections and body counts rise, anti-vaccine and anti-mask sentiments only seem to grow more vocal. Only 46 percent of Jackson County is fully vaccinated, and local hospitals are completely overrun with COVID cases, forcing delays of cancer treatment, heart surgery, emergency medicine, and other procedures.

A majority of current COVID patients are unvaccinated, leading to increased mental strain on health care workers. As a result, many staff have quit their jobs out of frustration and emotional burn out.

Their absence has only weakened the local healthcare system’s ability to operate. On Monday, August 23, Gov. Kate Brown sent over 300 national guardsmen to bolster Jackson county’s struggling hospitals.

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