RoseBud Update: Pandemic Problems

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Welcome to the RoseBud Channel. Here’s your RoseBud Update.

Looking back on September, doctors see COVID-19 numbers holding steady. According to Johns Hopkins University, there are more than 42,000 new cases per day on average, which is about the same as it was September 1st. 

Covid-19 treatment is important, but tracking and preventing the spread is ideal. That’s why a team at Kansas University is working around the clock on a machine that could give results in less than 15 minutes. 

Just a short drive from RoseBud Headquarters, you’ll find Ashland, Oregon. That’s where the devastating Almeda Fire started, and where a woman named Karen Bates is coordinating a comforting relief effort. You can find the full story here at

67-year-old Lorenza Marrujo is a no-nonsense lady with 26 years of martial arts training under her belt. So when a cowardly intruder tried to break into the senior apartment complex where she lives in Los Angeles, Lorenza had the confidence to kick him out the door, and into police custody.

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