RoseBud Update: A Grim Anniversary

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It’s been a year since RoseBud began reporting on the story of a mysterious new virus out of Wuhan China. A time where social distancing and the phrase “the new normal” had yet to be integrated into our daily vernacular. 500,000 people dead. With vaccines being rolled out there is hope in the near future but we still have a ways to go before we can close the chapter on this terrible virus.

An airplane takes off out of Colorado destined for the sunny isles of Hawaii when one of its engines catches fire to the horror of the passengers aboard. The pilots on board kept a cool head and managed to bring it back down onto the tarmac without any injuries.

We got quite a few stories to look out for this week but please remember to check out the Mail Tribune and KTVL 10 for all of your local news needs.

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