RoseBud Update: Red Flag Warnings

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Welcome to the RoseBud Channel. Here’s your RoseBud Update. 

Red Flag Warnings blanket most of California, and Southwest Oregon. That means that conditions are hot, dry, and windy – meaning fires can spread easily, and start at a moment’s notice. 

There was already plenty to talk about Tuesday night’s first debate between President Donald Trump, and former Vice President Joe Biden. But one new headline dominated all headlines… a long-investigated and well-researched story on Donald Trump and his income taxes through the years.

RoseBud often takes the city of Portland to task for putting its police in harm’s way each night with regular rioting. Seattle is a pretty bad place to go be a cop each night too. Interim Chief Adrian Diaz is now pleading with the public to help put an end to the nightly violence.

In Wichita, Kansas, classroom social distancing has come full circle.

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