RoseBud Update: Trump Vs. Biden

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Welcome to the RoseBud Channel. Here’s your RoseBud Update.

Tuesday night was the first head-to-head debate, and it did not disappoint.

One member of the grand jury in Breonna Taylor’s case is looking for a way to speak out about the details of the case. Their attorney spoke on their behalf.

On Sunday evening, Laura Colgate and her family were told they had to evacuate their Santa Rosa home because the Glass Fire was rapidly approaching. They grabbed everything they could carry, got out of there, and hoped for the best. On Tuesday, they were able to come back to their neighborhood, now unrecognizable. However, they were relieved to find their house, built in 1946, was still standing. 

A Phoenix, Oregon artist named Benjamin Swatez painted a mural on a van destroyed by the Almeda Fire. Now they are looking for a new home for the painting, titled “Phoenix Rising from the Ashes”.

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