SO Famous Fitness: Elite Training for Champions

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Josh Cline provides elite training for champions, so that’s what he named his personal training business.

“I really, really wanted to impact the community and see what I can do,” said Cline. “So far it has been a gift and a true blessing.”

Josh made it to the college level as an athlete and now he wants to help prepare Medford’s youth to get there as well.

Cline works with more than just student-athletes though. In fact, he gets the whole family involved.

“I’m working out with my daughter and one of my best friends from college,” said Lisa Hutchins. “So, we give each other a lot of crap, but it also gets us up in the morning to get here. It gives me a reason at my age to get up and get some stuff done.”

“Honestly, it is pretty fun,” said D-1 soccer player Talia Hutchins. “My mom is pretty strong. If you see your mom going hard it is actually encouragement. Can’t get beat by your mom.”

At ETC, the workouts are always changing too, that way athletes are always ready for the unexpected on or off the field.

“It’s always hard, it’s always something new, so it pushes you out of your comfort zone and makes you better each time,” said Sout Medford senior Kaili Chamberlin.

Josh Cline even helps in the classroom and the kitchen.

“I offer a lot of different things for them so they don’t ever feel lost. One of the biggest things I offer is tutoring and I don’t charge for that because I believe education is free. So all you have to do is have a membership with me and you get free access to tutors. I also have a nutritionist that takes care of my kids.”

Notice he said his kids, not ‘the kids.’

“A lot of my kids are eighth-graders, freshmen, sophomores and the biggest thing is how do you fulfill your dream, how do you succeed? There are always going to be setbacks but what are you going to do to overcome that.”

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