TALAT: ‘Into the Wild’ Bus Gets Airlifted Out of Alaska Wilderness

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The ‘Into the Wild’ bus, or the “Magic Bus” was first made popular in 1996 when Jon Krakauer released the ‘Into the Wild’ book. It told the true story of a young man named Christopher McCandless, that escaped his suburban life to travel the country on foot and eventually make it to Alaska. It was in the Alaskan wilderness that McCandless would come across an abandoned bus…the Magic Bus. After consuming a toxic plant, McCandless tried to get back to civilization but was stopped in his tracks by a raging river. He eventually succumbed to starvation in 1992. The book was made into a movie directed by Sean Penn in 2007.

From the mid ’90s the story has inspired fans and adventure seekers alike to take a pilgrimage of sorts to the location of the old bus, which still sat in the same clearing near a swollen river. Unfortunately, as years passed, many hikers have needed to be rescued during their excursion to the bus, and some have even died. It was because of the risk the bus posed to hikers and tourists, that the Department of Natural Resources decided to removed the hollowed out bus. The vehicle will stay safely in their possession until it’s new permanent home is decided on.

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