TALAT: Oakland Zoo Welcomes Mountain Lion Cub

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A firefighter surveying the fire scar from the Zogg Fire in Shasta County, California found a mountain lion cub that was still alive. The firefighter called the sheriff’s department who then called the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Pete Figura and others with the DFW decided to contact the Oakland Zoo to see if their veterinarians would be able to help. The zoo took in the cub.

Unfortunately, the mountain lion cub is too small to return to the wild so he will stay at the Oakland Zoo. His new name is Captain Cal.

His paws were burnt and whiskers singed off, but x-ray results showed no lung or bone damage. Captain Cal is expected to make a full recovery and serve as an ambassador for a species that has seen declining numbers in California.

All footage is courtesy of the Oakland Zoo.

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