The Big One: Confederate and Slave Monuments Removed

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As the killing of George Floyd ignites demand for racial reform around the world, landmarks memorializing or sympathetic to slavery are coming down.

In the UK, protesters toppled the statue of Edward Colston, and dumped it into the River Avon. Colston had been a slave trader, the statue controversial for a long time now.

In Virginia, a slave auction block stood on a corner in Fredericksburg since before the civil war. It was just removed by city workers.

And earlier this week, Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam announced the planned removal of the infamous Robert E. Lee statue that towers over the Richmond Historic Monument. Northam feared
protesters would have tried to topple it.

And in New York City, St. Patrick’s Cathedral was defaced with vandals who spray-painted obscenities on the stone walls, and “Black Lives Matter.” Two young men from Queens were caught, but the
district attorney chose not to charge them with the crime, saying it happened along with too many other crimes for them to prosecute.

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