The Big One: GBI Arrests Man Who Filmed Arbery’s Killing

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You can see multiple GBI SUVs and investigators swarming the Satilla Shores neighborhood.

The GBI has not directly confirmed why they were at the home, but it happened right after the announcement of Roddy Bryan’s arrest.

Family members of Ahmaud Arbery were in the neighborhood this evening watching as agents investigated at the home.

Arbery’s aunt says this would have never happened if the public had never seen the video of her nephew being shot and killed.

“If the video never would’ve come out, we would still be in the dark,” said Thea Brooks. “We would still be sitting at home waiting for answers and trying to figure out what’s going on, but the video came out. We did our part and now law enforcement is finally doing their part.”

Brooks described the arrest of Roddy Bryan as a mixture of emotions.

“I mean if we could reverse all of this, we would, but since we can’t, we’re going to continue to fight for justice. We’re going to continue to push. We’re going to continue to pray. We’re going to do our part to make sure justice is served. Now we just need a conviction.”

In a statement on Thursday night, Attorney’s representing Arbery’s parents said they are relieved to learn Bryan is in custody at the Glynn County Jail.

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