The Big One: Trump Tweets Cause Chaos In The Twitter-sphere

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In 2001 Lori Klausutis was working as a Congressional aid for republican freshman congressman Joe Scarborough in Florida.

She died when she suffered cardiac arrhythmia, fell on her head an injury so severe she died instantly. An autopsy was performed confirming the cause of death.

But Scarborough was in the target of far left wing hate groups, and they started rumors that he had killed his aid. When Scarborough left Congress, it stirred the rumors.

And when he began attacking his one-time buddy Donald Trump on his morning left-wing talk show called Morning Joe, the rumors started up again, but this time from the right-wing rumormongers.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, President Trump joined in, tweeting and calling for an investigation into Scarborough, even going so far as to mention theories like an affair, and yes, “murder”

The accusations were met with outrage in the twitter-sphere … And the outrage wasn’t only directed at Trump.

Twitter has been called out for the LACK of action they’ve taken to censor Trumps inflammatory and baseless tweets.

The Twitter police normally censor tweets like this, however they avoid censoring people in political power because they believe the public has a right to see them. Then Memorial Day, it escalated to a whole new level.

TJ Klausutis, Lori’s widower, released a letter to Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, saying that his wife’s accidental passing “Is the single most painful thing that he has ever had to deal with” and asked for the tweets to be removed.

Twitter apologized for the pain caused by the unsubstantiated presidential tweets, that for a normal Twitter user, would result in banishment from the Twitter world, but took no action to remove the tweets.

This may result in twitter taking a good look at their community guidelines, which could be a positive step forward for inflammatory content such as this, but a step backward in the fight to protect free speech.

By Tuesday morning, this was a top trending story on Twitter, with overwhelming support for TJ, and a strong sentiment that the president has gone too far.

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