This Day in Music: December 4th

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Born on this day in 1944 was American musician Chris Hillman of The Byrds. On this same day in 1965, The Byrds would start a 3-week run at number one with their song Turn Turn Turn on the US singles chart.

In 1971, Led Zeppelin started a 2-week run at No. 1 on the UK chart with their album Four Symbols.  Also known as Led Zeppelin IV, it featured an 8-minute track of Stairway to Heaven.  9 years later on this same day in 1980, the band called it quits.

In 1964, The Beatles released their 4th studio album “Beatles For Sale”. Jumping ahead to 2015 on the same day, a new statue of The Beatles was unveiled in Liverpool – 50 years after their last concert there at Merseyside.

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