This Day In Music: February 2nd

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On This Day in Music in 1942, Graham Nash is born in Blackpool, Lancashire. Moving ahead 51 years, we’re now in 1993, and Willie Nelson settles his long-waging war with the IRS…to the tune of nine million dollars…Ouch! While we’re on the subject of Country music legends, six years later in 1999, Freddy Fender gets his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Keith Emerson is a lucky man on this day in 1973. The keyboardist known for his stirring, extravagant and theatrical live performances, has a clever stunt in mind for tonight’s gig in San Francisco. He rigs his piano with pyrotechnics and programs them to detonate at a specific time. But things don’t turn out exactly as planned… the piano explodes pre-maturely shocking everyone in the place. Thankfully, what could have been disastrous turns out not to be — Keith only suffers minor cuts and a broken fingernail. Just a few of the notes from February 2nd, This Day In Music.

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