This Day In Music: February 9th

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On This Day in Music… a “Beautiful” baby is born in New York City in 1942.

Carol Joan Klein. She’d grow into the “Natural Woman” we’ve always known as Carol King, a Musical force of nature. Moving ahead to 1959, “White Lightning” is released by Mercury Records, and goes on to become the first #1 hit for George Jones. We race ahead to 1985, where Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” begins a three-week run at #1. And, it was on this day in 1964, when The Beatles make their first live U.S. television appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, to the delight of a record-setting 73 million viewers, and a packed house of giddy teenagers whose screams of adulation nearly drown out the performance and whip the studio into a frenzy. Nearly 50 years later, most Americans clearly remember where they watch on this night in musical history. Just A Few Notes From February 9, and “This Day In Music.”

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