This Day In Music: January 26th

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On This Day in Music, Eddie Van Halen is born in 1957. Jumping ahead to 1980, Prince appears on American Bandstand, and seems to give Dick Clark a rough time during the interview segment. It’s tough to tell if he’s being cocky or if he’s just nervous; after all, he is only 19 and on national television. Dick Clark later refers to this as the “single most difficult interview I ever did in my life.” Moving on to January 26, 1999 the National Transportation Safety Board determines the reason for John Denver’s fatal 1997 plane crash. Apparently, the singer took off with too little fuel in one tank, and had difficulty switching to the back-up tank. With his attention diverted, Denver inadvertently put his plane into a roll, crashing into Monterey Bay. Fast forward to 2018 when, on this day Lindsey Buckingham performs in public with Fleetwood Mac for the last time at a MusiCares benefit in New York City. Appropriately, the last song on the set list this evening is “Go Your Own Way.” Just a few of the notes from January 26th, and This Day In Music.

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