That’s My Take With Jake: Moore Meets Irons, Changing Washington’s Name & Coronavirus in Sports

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Jake’s Takes this week revolve around social justice & health and safety.

TMTWJ has featured the story of Maya Moore and Jonathan Irons before because she stepped away from the WNBA in the prime of her career to helping others. Irons was wrongly convicted and has served 22 years in prison. Now he is a free man thanks to the help of Moore and others.

The call for Washington to change the team name is not new, but it was given new life from some big players. FedEx, who sponsors the stadium the NFC East team plays home games in, called for a name change and it was not alone. Nike did the same. Team owner Dan Snyder responded the team will review whether or not to change the name, but is that enough?

It is finally July, and that means team sports in America are coming back… maybe. The MLS, NHL, MLB, and NBA are slated for returns this month if the coronavirus is contained and risk can be managed. Hot spots throughout the country are popping back up though. Jake shares his concerns.

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