That’s My Take With Jake: Washington’s New Name, Della Donne Pens Letter, & True Sports Joy

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Washington is changing the NFL team name. It is happening. We just don’t know what the new mascot will be, in part because of one interesting fan.

The team name has yet to be released because of trademark issues. Specifically, Philip McCauley, a fan of the team since the 80s, has been trademarking potential names since 2015.

It may have been counterproductive though. On Twitter, he said he wants the team name changed and hoped hoarding the trademarks would save the team from dealing with a troll just out for money.

He says he reached out on July 4th to offer his trademarks for free to the team, and Jake encourages Washington to take him up on that offer. A Washington Post article even cited one scientist that hoped by naming the team the Red Wolves would help save the animal species.


Everyone has needed to decide what risks they are willing to take with the coronavirus. Professional athletes are no different, and some players are opting out of playing this season. Some leagues won’t give players the right to make that decision without league approval, though.

Elena Della Donne plays in the WNBA and she has Chronic Lyme Disease, which compromises her immune system. On Wednesday, she penned an article with The Players’ Tribune highlighting her struggle of trying to opt-out of the WNBA season. Her personal doctor labeled her high risk, the team doctor agreed, but the WNBA panel of doctors denied her request for a health exemption.

Jake understands Della Donne’s struggles because his mother also fights Chronic Lyme. He admonished the WNBA for making a player choose between health or a paycheck.


Sports should exemplify the good qualities in the world. Joy, gratitude, teamwork… these are some of those traits that draw us into sports stories. Professional Footballer Adebayo Akinfenwa reminded the world of that on Monday.

A postgame interview has been seen over eight million times on Twitter. That is all the more impressive considering Wycombe played a couple of leagues below the Premier League in England. Played is the keyword because with a win, the team now advances to the Championship League and Akinfenwa wanted to make sure everyone knew.

What the win meant wasn’t what was special about the video though, it was the man’s smile, pure joy, and his teammates hyping him up. That’s what struck a chord and made this go viral.

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