TWIGN: Debunking the Buffalo Protester Conspiracy Theory

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Martin Gugino is the 75 year old man who confronted a line of police in Buffalo marching to send a crowd home past curfew.

The line of marching police wasn’t stopping, and one officer pushed Martin back, and another pushed Martin’s shoulder.

Martin fell backward, awkwardly tripping at the same time.

There’s no mistaking the horrifying sound of his head hitting the concrete sidewalk.

Amazingly, at least 12 police officers marched right past him.

Bleeding, he was rushed to the hospital and was in serious condition since the Thursday night incident until he was allowed to rest at home Tuesday.

A website called the “Conservative Treehouse” put out a story speculating that Martin was a member of “Antifa,” the radical group of young people that delights in anarchy.

“Treehouse” goes out on a limb with a story that goes like this:

Martin brazenly goaded the cops into pushing him.

He fell so he could purposefully hit his head, and, outfitted with a series of tubes, let fake blood run out of a tube just under his right ear.

That story has so many holes in it, we’ll get to them in a second, but the cable news operation OAN picked up on the story, and President Trump, who’s been known to watch OAN since he soured on Fox News, tweeted about it.

Republicans cringed.

Democrats are calling for an apology.

In his tweet, the President speculates that Martin seems to fall faster than he was pushed, suggesting he sped his fall backward.

He speculates that at 75, Martin is an “Antifa provocateur.”

And that Martin is waving a scanner to jam police radios.

Actually, Martin’s phone is in his hand.  There’s nothing that would jam a police radio, and people listen openly to Buffalo’s police radio bands.  If someone did want to jam the Buffalo radio system, it wouldn’t be by waving at individual cops and their radios.

Nobody of any importance in or out of government came to President Trump’s side for this tweet.

And for good reason.

Since Thursday night, if Martin Gugino faked an injury with fake blood, a whole hospital team would have to be in on it.

So would the cops.

And not just the two arrested and charged.

But the 57 who quit the unit in protest.

And the hundreds of cops that rallied for their two brothers outside the courthouse Tuesday.

In other words, Antifa and Martin Gugino would have had to have hundreds, maybe thousands, of people in on their scam.

And nothing in life is that perfect, and no secret lasts that long.

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