Winna! Winna! Chicken Dinna!: Brigsby’s Week 2 Picks

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Winna! Winna! Chicken Dinna!: Brigsby’s Week 2 Picks


A horse is a horse of course, of course, but even if you’ve never heard of Mr. Ed the talking horse, we have no doubt by now you’ve heard of Mr. Brigsby, the talking English bulldog that likes to pick games according to the weekly betting line here in the state of Oregon.  After just one week of regular-season action, Mr. Brigsby is the toast of Las Vegas and bookies from Medford Oregon to Medford, Long Island.  (yes, there really is a Medford in New York.  As Brigsby might tell you, it’s rather close to his summer doghouse in the Hamptons).  

Fans adore him and his phone has been ringing off the hook, but here’s the thing:  he doesn’t take private calls.  He only likes to talk with his adoring public on the RoseBud Channel and feels it’s an honor to give his best stuff so everyone can be a winner and have their own chicken dinner.  

As he considers whether to accept the offer to sing at half-time at this year’s big game, he’s also juggling his calendar so he can provide his best guidance on the favorites and the underdogs each week.  

The NFL is paying close attention to this remarkable dog, and so are all the legions of fans who wait each Thursday and Friday for his weekly picks.  Play along and see if you can beat a talking dog.  You CAN beat a talking dog!

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