Ya Gotta See This: Alligator Ambush

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Ya Gotta See This: Alligator Ambush

Alligator Ambush

Ya gotta see this! A man walking his dog had a sudden surprise when he realized his dog disappeared into the water. Both the dog and the owner now have a permanent reminder that they’ll never forget. An alligator ambushed him and his dog.

Ambush hotspots

Alligators are known to attack people unexpectedly. Ambushes in places like South Carolina and Texas are common.

Rundown of the alligator ambush

This particular ambush happened to a man in South Carolina. The alligator went after the man’s dog. This alligator ambush resulted in the dog losing his tail. The owner was cut up from the gravel on the ground while the ambush occurred.

Protect yourself from alligators

If you see an alligator, stay away from it. They are known to ambush quickly and fiercely. For more safety tips, you can visit here to prevent alligators from ambushing you. To learn more about these amazing animals check out the Smithsonian’s institute page about the American Alligator.

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