Ya Gotta See This: Florence + The War In Kyiv

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For International Women’s Day, indie rock band, Florence and the Machine released their newest song “Heaven Is Here”, the follow-up to their recently released track, “King”.

Lead singer Florence Welch states she wanted to make something “monstrous” and use her voice to take aim at traditional feminine roles, breaking masculine-imposed stereotypes and asserting her own power.

Florence stated she wrote the song during the COVID-19 lockdown, when she just couldn’t get to the studio to record.

“Heaven Is Here” continues her passionate message of feminine empowerment; full of fury, grief, but also release-… But before you start rocking, what you may not have heard, is the latest music video was actually shot in the Ukrainian city of Kyiv, one of several cities currently besieged by Russian military forces.

As Ukrainians flee by the millions and bombs continue to drop, artists like Florence, her band, along with fans and protestors around the world are lending their voices, calling for an end to the conflict. Florence Welch announced the release of the long-awaited song on her Instagram account saying, “Two of the dancers in this video are currently sheltering. To my brave and beautiful sisters Maryne and Anastasiia, I love you. I wish I could put my arms around you. Strength.”

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