The History Of The Noose In America

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To see America’s ugly side, one need only look to the bigotry of lynchings and the symbol of a rope fashioned as a noose.

The National Memorial For Peace and Justice in Alabama confronts that history with a harrowing spectacle of 800 steel columns hanging from the roof.

Each has a county and the name of someone who was lynched. Many of the steel columns have the name “Unknown.” In total, 4,400 lynchings have been identified by the Equal Justice Initiative, a non-profit organization behind the memorial.

That memorial was built in 2018, and overwhelmingly represents racist acts against Black people by white bigots throughout American history.

It is why the news of multiple black men and women across the country reportedly dying by suicide in the form of hanging has been met with speculation and distrust.

It is why Jimmy Johns is trending on Twitter, because two workers at the restaurant’s franchise in Woodstock, Georgia, made a noose out of dough and mockingly used in in the store.

It is why there was such a strong reaction when NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace found a noose in the garage at Talladega.

The FBI concluded it was not a hate crime and had been in the garage since the previous Fall.

On Monday, the Bubba Wallace story was trending on Twitter alongside the Jimmy John’s video when President Trump ignored the hatred tied to a noose, missed a presidential moment to denounce and chastize ignorant white bigots, instead, proving his critics right with another tone-deaf moment, tweeting for Wallace to apologize to his fellow NASCAR drivers.

And here’s a completely unnecessary trivia point as a footnote:  The despicable bigots who fashion a noose as a symbol of hate typically tie it in a hangman’s knot, wrapping it thirteen times, symbolizing original thirteen colonies that became the first thirteen states back in the days of slavery.

But it doesn’t represent anything except the cold and ignorance of hate for fellow Americans.

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